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Mar 26, 2017
SUPER GT GTA test Fuji Speedway
We just ended the two days of SUPER GT test at Fuji Speedway.
This test was the last one before the opening race of the season that will be held in Okayama on April 8th and 9th.
The first day went well and we had some good result with the new items Nismo introduced.
The second day was cancel for the snowy weather and really cold condition.
It was nice to have at Fuji Speedway my Italian friend Manuel Belleri (In the picture with me), a former Serie A soccer player and now technical director ot AC Milan academy in Tokyo.
Manuel loves nice cars and he was really amazed from SUPER GT cars!!
From tomorrow I will start to prepare my physical condition for Okayama Round 1, in the best way as possible.


Terminate le due giornate di test SUPER GT al Fuji Speedway.
Ultime prove prima della gara inaugurale di campionato a Okayama del prossimo 8-9 di Aprile.
Test positivo che grazie ai nuovi aggiornamenti apportati dalla Nismo ci ha visto fare dei passi in avanti, rendendo la macchina piu' bilanciata e piu' facile da guidare.
Bello avere avuto al test l'ex calciatore di Serie A Manuel Belleri che e' stato nel nostro pit durante le due giornate di test..
Manuel ama le macchine da corsa ed e' attualmente direttore tecnico dell'accademia AC Milan qui a Tokyo.
E da domani iniziaera' la preparazione fisica nei dettagli per la gara inaugurale di Okayama.
Non vedo l'ora di inziare anche questa nuova stagione!!

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Mar 16, 2017
Sayonara Nissan Infiniti Skyline
Today was the day to return my Nissan Infiniti Skyline to Nismo.
I spent three great years with this car and it's said to return her..
Before leaving home also my kids Luna and Leo wanted to take a memory picture because she was a part of their life as well.
As Nismo rule, the leasing company will get back the car and she will sold by auction.
For sure the new owner will find a great toy that was really treated in the best way as possible in these three years.
I will miss her!!


Oggi e' stato il giorno di ritornare alla Nismo la mia Nissan Infiniti Skyline dopo tre anni passati assieme.
E' stata veramente una grande macchina e mi dispiacera' molto non porterla guidare da qui in avanti.
Anche i bambini hanno voluto fare una foto ricordo assieme prima di partire da casa.
Il prossimo proprietario trovera' sicuramente una macchina in ottime condizioni che avra' ancora tanto da dare.
Arrivederci Nissan Infiniti Skyline.
Mar 15, 2017
Visit to
Today I visited the headquarter of, that is supporting as personal sponsor in my SUPER GT races.
It is really a honor for me to be supported from such a big company and represent it in my activity.
I will do my best also in this upcoming season to achieve the best results.
Thank you very much for the great hospitality of today.


Oggi ho visitato gli uffici dell'azienda, che mi sponsorizza come sponsor personale nelle mie gare di SUPER GT.
E' veramente un onore per me poter rappresentare questo grande colosso nelle mie gare di SUPER GT.
Grazie per la grande accoglienza di oggi. Official Web-Site
Mar 10, 2017
ユタニ工業さんに訪問/Visit to Yutani Industrial
Today I visited the head office of Yutani Industrial, company that has become one of my personal sponsor.
It was really nice to meet the president Mr.Tomoaki Yutani and some of the company staff.
Yutani Industrial is a company specialized in accessories for earth moving machines and having a look to some of their products today it really reminded me of my family company in Italy, that is taking care of marble business.
In fact, for the marble business some of the Yutani Industrial lineup products are used on the excavators there that we need to extract and carry big pieces of marbles.
Today I also had the chance to see "TSUKAMUTCHI", the new product of Yutani Industrial that you can see in the picture.
"TSUKAMUTCHI" is really popular here in Japan and it is used in the business of housed dismantle.
From this season the logo of "TSUKAMUTCHI" will be on my racing suit and racing helmet.
I will do my best to represent in the best way as possible this very important product of Yutani Industrial.


Oggi visita all'azienda "Yutani Industrial", specializzata nella produzione di vari accessori per macchine movimento terra.
Recentemente la Yutani Industrial ha lanciato sul mercato il prodotto "TSUKAMUTCHI" che potete vedere nella foto, che viene utilizzato qui in Giappone durante lo smantellamento di case vecchie.
Grazie all'accordo raggiunto in queste settimane, sara' un onore da quest'anno poter portare l'immagine di questa azienda durante le mie gare con il logo di "TSUKAMUCTHI" che sara' sulle mie tute e caschi da corsa.

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Mar 4, 2017
FourNines Spirit Support/フォーナインズ999.9
I'm very happy to announce that I became one of the "Spirit Support" athlete of FourNines, one of the major sun-glass company here in Japan.
FourNines will support me with their high quality sun-glasses for my private needs and Motorsport activities.
It was very nice to visit the headquarter of FourNines the other day and to meet the president Iimura-san.
In addition, today i visited one of the shops of FourNines, located inside the Takashimaya department store in Futako Tamagawa.
I was really impressed from the professional way they treated me and how deeply the staff cared about details during the fitting.
Really looking forward to wearing FourNines sun-glasses.
Thank you for the support!!


Sono estremamente felice di essere diventato uno degli atleti "Spirit Support" della FourNines, una delle principali aziende di occhiali qui in Giappone.
FourNines, con lo slogan "Spirit Support" supporta parecchi atleti con i suoi occhiali di primissima qualita', che variano da una gamma di occhiali da vista fino a quelli sportivi.
E' stato bello poter incontare il Presidente Imura-san, ed aver avuto anche una piacevole conversazione anche sulle gare vista la sua passione.
Nei giorni scorsi ho anche fatto visita ad uno dei loro negozi, quello localizzato nel centro commerciale Takashimaya a Futako Tamagawa.
Sono rimasto veramente sorpreso dalla professionalita' del personale, soprattutto dalla cura dei dettagli durante il fitting.
Non vedo l'ora di indossare gli occhiali FourNines, in privato e durante le mie gare.
Grazie per il supporto!!

FourNines Official Web-Site
Mar 1, 2017
Karting World Championship entry!!/カート世界選手権に出場!
I'm very happy to announce that in this season I will participate to the Karting World Championship, in the KZ mission class.
I will be one of the factory drivers of BirelArt, powered by TM Engine.
The KZ class is the top class where karting professional drivers are racing and the level is extremely high.
Some of the drivers are the same I used to compete with before coming to Japan in 2003.
It will be really exacting to go back to race a Karting World Championship race after almost fifteen years..
During my karting career I have been racing at really top level and could win the European championship in 1999, but I have never won the Wolrd Championship, fishing second twice in 1999 and 2002 (Attached pictures refer to this season).
This big challenge will give me an extra motivation for the upcoming Super GT season and considering karting is phisically really demanding I have to fit my self even more compare previous seasons.
I'm going to work really hard to be ready in the best way as possible for this very busy season.
First of all, I'm looking forward to meet my old karting friends and to compete with all the great drivers that will enter the World Championship.
The race will be held on September 10th at Wachersdorf, in Germany.

これまでもSUPER GTのレース前などカートトレーニングをしたり、僕自身にとっても、フィジカル面にとっても、カートはとても大切な存在で有意義なものです。SUPER GTで王座奪還を狙う今シーズンのモチベーションがさらにアップするような、僕にとってのとっても大きな挑戦だと思います。

Sono felice di annunciare che in questa stagione partecipero' al campionato Mondiale di kart, nella classe col cambio KZ.
Appena ho ricevuto la proposta non ci ho pensato due volte e ho deciso subito di accettare questa grande sfida.
Sarà veramente stimolante tornare a correre con i grandi campioni della categoria.
Per prepararmi al massimo alle mie gare di SUPER GT in Giappone, ho sempre ritenuto il kart l’allenamento migliore e non ho mai smesso di girare con questo mezzo in tutti questi anni.
Non vedo l’ora prima di tutto di rincontrare tutti gli amici del mondo del kart, con cui ho passato bellissimi anni durante la mia gioventù. E poi sarà’ veramente affascinante poter guidare i telai BirelArt motorizzati TM.

Ringrazio la BirelArt e TM Racing per questa grande opportunità.”

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