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Sep 22, 2011
Italians in Japan/日本のイタリア人です
Today I had the pleasure to meet for the first time Mr. Alberto Zaccheroni, the manager of the Japanese soccer National team.
It was really nice for me to hear directly from him how much he likes Japan and all the good comments about Japanese players.
Looking forward to watching the next World-Cup qualifying match between Japan and Syria.


Oggi ho avuto il piacere di incontrare qui a Tokyo Alberto Zaccheroni, l'allenatore di calcio del Giappone.
E' stato anche bello sentire direttamente dal Mister quanto gli piaccia il Giappone e tutti i commenti positivi sui calciatori Giapponesi.
Non vedo l'ora di vedermi la partita tra Giappone e Syria in programma l'11 di ottobre per le qualificazioni mondiali di Brasile 2014.
Sep 17, 2011
Racing for Tohoku/東北のためのレーシング
Tonight, together with the Nissan driver and colleague Mr. Motoyama I participated to the "Racing for Tohoku" charity event.

This event was organized by the Italian brand TOD'S, with the purpose to help all the kids who lost their parents after the Tohoku tragedy of March 11th.

Mr. Motoyama and I were the main guests of the night and we gave our contributions in the charity auctions donating some of our racing items and cooperating in the driving lessons at the Fuji Speedway which were in the auctions as well.

All the money gained in the event will be donated to the association "Save the Children".
Many thanks to all the people who contributed to rise money in this charity auction and to TOD'S, for the big effort to organized this charity event.
I hope the money donated will be some helps to the children who lost the parents.

今夜、日産ドライバー本山哲選手と僕は「Racing for Tohoku」のチャリティイベントに共に参加しました。



このイベントでのオークション落札額の全ては「Save the Children」協会に寄付されることになっています。

Questa sera, ho partecipato assieme al pilota Nissan e collega Mr. Motoyama all'asta di beneficenza organizzata da TOD'S per aiutare tutti i bambini che hanno perso i loro genitori nello Tsunami del tragico 11 Marzo.

Io e Mr. Motoyama siamo stati gli ospiti d'onore della serata ed abbiamo dato il nostro contributo donando all'asta di beneficenza i nostri caschi e mettendo a disposizione la nostra esperienza nelle lezioni di guida al Fuji Speedway, anch'esse vinte dai donatori dell'asta di beneficenza.

Tutto il ricavato della serata verra' donato all'associazione "Save the Children"
Un grande grazie a tutte le persone che hanno contribuito al grande successo della serata ed a TOD'S.

"Save the Children" Official Web-Site
TOD'S Official Web-Site
Sep 16, 2011
My Friends from Italy/来日したイタリア人の友達/I miei amici dall'Italia
For the Fuji race, two dears Italian friends came to Japan to support me, Piero and Davide.
It was really great to have them with us during the Fuji race weekend and I'm very happy they admired and saw on live the world of Super GT.
Before they left for going back to Italy, they told me they were really impressed about Super GT and how kind the Japanese Fans are.
Thank you for the support and see you soon Piero and Davide!

Super GT富士戦を観戦するため、僕の大切な友人ピエロとダビデが僕を応援しに遠くイタリアから来日してくれました。
富士戦のレースウィークを彼らと一緒に過ごせてとてもよかったし、Super GTの世界を生で見て、とても感心したみたいで、それが僕にはとても嬉しかった。
イタリアに帰る前、Super GTがどれだけレベルが高く人気であること、そして日本人のファンたちがとても礼儀正しく優しい人たちだったことに、とても印象的で感動したと、2人が僕に言ってくれたんだ。

Durante il fine settimana della gara del Fuji sono venuti a trovarmi dall'Italia i miei amici Piero e Davide.
E' stato veramente un piacere per me averli accanto in una delle gare più importanti della stagione.
Un grande grazie ed un arrivederci a presto.
Sep 11, 2011
Super GT Fuji race P.7/Super GT富士 決勝7位
7th place at the end of Fuji Super GT Round 6.
Considering the heavy handy weight we had in the car, we could consider it was enough result, but without my over pushing while trying to overtake another car at the braking of first corner, our result could have been better today.
When you have to push really hard, it could be happened..
Anyway, not completely satisfied about my driving today.

Super GT第6戦富士、決勝結果は7位でした。

Settima posizione nella gara del Fuji.
Considerando la zavorra che avevamo sulla macchina possiamo considerare questo risultato molto positivo.
Il prossimo appuntamento di campionato sara' sul circuito di Autopolis il primo e secondo di Ottobre.
Sep 10, 2011
Super GT Fuji race qualify/Super GT富士 予選
Today, we got the 7th position in the qualify of Super GT Round 6 at Fuji Speedway.
I believe it was a good result considering our 100kg handy weight we have in the car this time.
I will do my best in tomorrow race to get some very important points for our championship ranking.

Super GT第6戦・富士スピードウェイでの予選結果は7番手。

Oggi abbiamo ottenuto il settimo posto nelle qualifiche del Super GT al Fuji Speedway.
Considerando i 100kg di zavorra che abbiamo nella macchina possiamo considerarlo un buon risultato.
Sep 6, 2011
Go-kart training at the Gotemba APG circuit.
Good day for all of us!


Allenamento in kart al circuito APG di Gotemba.
Sep 5, 2011
Michelin golf ball/ミシュランゴルフボール
Michelin golf ball with my name insert.
A nice present from my friend Kazu-san.
Thank you!


Un regalo molto carino ricevuto dal mio amico Kazu-san;
Palline da golf con il mio nome inserito sopra!
Sep 2, 2011
G-Star in Omotesando/G-Star in表参道
After golf, we visited in Omotesando G-Star shop with DamCraft Crew!
G-Star, my favorite wear brand of the year!

ゴルフの後、Dam Craftメンバーと表参道のG-Starショップに寄りました。

Dopo la giornata di golf, in serata, sono stato a Tokyo, nel quartiere della moda di Omotesando per un po' di shopping al negozio G-Star.
G-Star, una marca in grande ascesa qui in Giappone che ho avuto il piacere di scoprire quest'anno.
Sep 2, 2011
Golf in Chiba/ゴルフin千葉
Despite of the big typhoon that is approaching Japan, today I went to Chiba Birdie Club Golf course for a play with my friends and supporters of DamCraft.

We were very lucky no rain faulted down during the day and we enjoyed the play in very beautiful atmosphere.

日本列島に台風12号が上陸しているにも関わらず、僕は友達とDam Craftサポーターと千葉バーディゴルフ倶楽部に行ってゴルフしてきちゃいました。


Partita di golf al Chiba Birdie Club assieme agli amici e supporters della DamCraft.

DamCraft Official Web-Site

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